The Peplink Balance SD-WAN router lets you take control of your WAN and achieve unbreakable Internet connectivity. Centralized cloud management simplifies network setup, configuration, and maintenance.


Network Management

  • Built-In Remote User VPN Support
  • SIM-card USSD support
  • Time-Based Condiguration
  • LAN as WAN
  • PepVPN Port Forwarding
  • Outbound policies within as SF Tunnel

Network Security

  • URL Logging
  • Content Blocking
  • Web Filtering Blacklists
  • Guest Protection of Subnets

Network Resilience

  • Drop-in Mode and LAN Bypass
  • High Availability via VRRP
  • USB Modem and Android Tethering
  • IP Passthrough Failover
  • SpeedFusion Disaster Recovery Support

Traffic Management

  • QoS:Clearer VoIP
  • Per-User Bandwidth Control
  • LACP NIC Bonding
  • Port-Based VLAN
  • SIM Bandwidth Pooling
  • Roaming Country Selection

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